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My Top 3 Fashion iPhone Apps

3. Dress Assistant
            Want to catalog your wardrobe and have it with you at all times. Well this app allows you to have your closet on your mobile device. I totally love it and I can plan outfits for trips!

2. ShopStyle by POPSUGAR

             Do you want full access to all the latest fashion? Well this app is like have the mall on your mobile device. I cannot live without this app and you can customize the search to fit any budget!

1. Pose
             Do you need style inspiration? Well this is the ultimate style inspiration app! You shop the looks posted by stylist, blogger, or everyday fashionista. I am so addicted to this app because I love clothing and I love showing off my style. (Follow me and my fashion inspirations: lolasapid)

The latest thing in fashion is Do It Yourself Accessories! Pinterest is the best place to get ideas or to try the designs yourself. I have tried many of many of these crafty designs and all of them have turned out fabulous! I have received so many compliments I think I will start making them for other people! Here are a few that I have tried.