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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stop Boning Around

The latest in fashion and weight management is known as boning or waist training. Participants wear specific shape wear that gives them a hourglass figure and slow but sure slims the waist. This is merely the rebirth of the corset minus the ties, hooks, and wires.  This is supposed to be safer and is said to cause less damage to the internal organs than regular corsets and traditional shape wear. Lately, shape wear has been the subject of controversy, because many wearers purchase a size too small; which creates breathing issues, blood clots, while also squeezing the internal organs. Women want to look good but no one wants to die for it! When worn correctly waist training garments are helping many women strengthen their abdominal muscles and cutting inches from their waistline. This is a product I would love to try but the $135 price tag is not worth it. I guess free sit ups and crunches it is!